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NJ Senior’s 2009 Resolutions

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Setting Realistic Goals for the New Year

Every year we make New Year’s resolutions, and sometimes we set our expectations of ourselves so high that they are lifestyle changes we can’t keep up with throughout the remainder of the year. This year, seniors should set goals for themselves that are realistic and consider their lifestyle and physical abilities. Those who are not already focused on exercise, nutritional and maintaining their overall health should make 2009 the year to improve their lives.

In order to establish a healthier lifestyle in the New Year seniors should incorporate 30 minutes of daily exercise into their regular routine. Seniors should pick activities within their physical abilities, like walking, swimming or other cardio exercises that get them moving and get their heart rates up.

Nutrition should be another major focus in 2009; seniors should eat healthy, well-balanced meals that include fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s important that their diet includes fiber, vitamin D, calcium and that limited amounts of sodium sugar and fat are consumed. Since many seniors have challenges preparing and cooking healthy meals, as part of their New Year’s resolutions they can hire a professional to assist them with these tasks to ensure that proper nutrition remains a priority.

As the New Year approaches, it’s time for people of all ages to plan for the future; putting greater emphasis upon health will secure a longer, happier life.

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