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NJ Home Health Care Client Bill of Rights

Home Care Bill of Rights & Responsibilities

As a consumer of our NJ home care services, you have the right to:

1) Receive considerate and respectful care in your home at all times; have your property treated with respect; and receive service free of discrimination.

2) Participate in the development of your plan of care, including an explanation of any services proposed and of alternative services that may be available in the community when appropriate, and receive a copy of your Plan of Care.

3) Choose your service, the provider of service and request a change in caregiver.

4) Receive written information about the agency, including the name and number of an official of the agency; the name and qualifications of the supervisor responsible for your service; and agency address and phone number of the agency.

5) Have your religious beliefs and customs respected and taken into consideration when planning care.

6) Refuse medication, treatment, counseling or other services without fear of reprisal or discrimination, and to be informed of the possible results of your actions.

7) Privacy and confidentiality about your health, social and financial circumstances; what takes place in your home; and know that all communications and records will be treated confidentially in accordance with HIPAA.


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