Providing Live-In Home Care in New Jersey, Since 1985

About Us

Why Choose Expert Home Care?

We don’t just offer Live In care, we specialize in it. Since 1985, Expert Home Care has offered personalized home care staffing solutions to meet the individual needs of its clients. Each Expert Home Care client has a Staff Supervisor who schedules staff and coordinates client services, as well as a Nurse Supervisor who makes home visits to ensure quality care by establishing a care plan suited to the client’s needs. To ensure a successful placement, the Staff Supervisor carefully matches the Caregiver’s skill level to the specific needs and personality of the client.

We are always there when you need us most… which is why Expert Home Care provides experienced 24-Hour On-Call Supervisors who are ready to respond to calls beyond normal business hours. All offices are able to provide Respite, Hospice, Short and Long Term Care. In addition, we provide complimentary and reliable van service, which ensures prompt service and peace of mind. At Expert Home Care, we provide the highest level of service our customers expect and demand.

What sets us apart…

  • Dedicated to customer service excellence
  • Specialists in 24 hour Live In care
  • Over 14 counties served in New Jersey since 1985
  • 48 Hour Caregiver Guarantee
  • Large pool of caregivers
  • Company owner designated as Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)
  • Free in home consultation
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick response to need
  • Patient/aide interview (if requested)
  • Free Transportation of aide to patient’s door

Our in home care services are personalized to make sure that our clients receive the right kind of care. By performing a detailed intake to determine the patient’s precise needs and personality, Expert Home Care “fits” a patient with an aide who is:

  • Compatible in personality
  • Has suited level of experience for patient
  • Can work with specific disorders, i.e. Alzheimer’s Disease

We recognize that everyone has different needs, which is why there are no “one-size fits all” solutions at Expert Home Care.

We Offer RN Supervision

Expert Home Care provides a Registered Nurse Professional to every case to perform an initial assessment at the start of service. The RN will cover many areas related to the patient’s physical and mental health during the assessment. It is advisable that a family member involved with the care be present during this visit.

After the assessment is complete, the RN will create a Care Plan for the assigned in home caregiver to follow on a daily and weekly basis. This Care Plan forms the basis of care and is updated every few months as it relates to any changes in the patient condition.

The RN will follow up with a 30 day phone call to check in on the status of care and then make a repeat visit to the home at 60 days. Of course the RN is available to speak with in between calls and visits to clients and caregivers.

Business Ethics and Corporate Compliance Notice

The National Institute for Home Care Accreditation requires us to inform you of our commitment to the highest level of integrity and ethical standards in relation to business practices and direct service to the people and communities served by the organization.

Therefore, it is the policy of the organization to deliver service and conduct its business in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards and have established mechanisms to prevent and detect fraud, ensure conformity with laws, regulations, program requirements and guidelines, and ethical business practices by its employees.

Should you at any time observe the staff of the organization doing anything illegal, fraudulent or be asked by a staff member to do something you believe to be fraudulent, contrary to the law or program regulations or guidelines or unethical, please call Expert Home Care at 732-937-5320 and ask to speak with the Compliance Officer.

48 Hour Caregiver Guarantee

If at anytime within the first 48 hours of care you are not satisfied with your caregiver for any reason, just call us and your care will be absolutely FREE. That’s our money back guarantee for new clients.

We understand that needing home care service can often arise unexpectedly or sudden without much notice or warning. Families today have a multitude of choices when it comes to home care. Many families have never dealt with the situation of needing a Live-in caregiver for their loved one. It’s not uncommon to be a little hesitant or apprehensive and to have many questions about how it all works, but when a loved one can no longer be alone, it really is the best option for remaining at home. It also provides great “peace of mind” in knowing that your loved one is at home, where they prefer to be, receiving one-to-one care by one of our excellent caregivers.

In fact, our agency has been recognized with the “Best of Home Care” Award in New Jersey for 11 consecutive years, from 2011 – 2021.

You might have many questions about Live-in care such as:

  • What are their qualifications?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Respite, Hospice, Short and Long-Term Care
  • How do they get here?
  • How long do they stay?
  • What kind of sleeping arrangements do I have to provide?
  • What about food?
  • What if we don’t like the caregiver? And many more…

We created this offer because there are many situations that do arise suddenly where quick decisions need to be made. When you call us we will spend the time together discussing all the details and schedule a visit with you into the home to further assess the situation. This is a FREE no-cost, no-obligation visit. When you decide to use Expert Home Care the caregiver will be driven by us to your door and the 48 hour guarantee period begins.

Now, with this exclusive offer from Expert Home Care, you can rest easy and give it a try, and if you don’t like our service for any reason after 48 hours, just give us a call and pay nothing. Read through the rest of our website or call us now to learn more about our experience providing and specializing in Live-in care for New Jersey’s seniors.

About our Caregivers

At Expert Home Care, we specialize in recruiting, hiring and placing Live-in caregivers. It’s our main focus and priority! When you need a caregiver fast, Expert Home Care can come through for you.

We perform all the standard pre-screening checks that you would expect from an agency. But the most important item in our opinion is that you are getting an experienced and compassionate caregiver who is fully oriented and committed towards living in a client’s home. Our caregivers are flexible and many of them have been doing this for several years so they know what to expect. Our caregivers usually live in 7 days per week and can stay for consecutive weeks at a time, all of which leads to a better bond and enhanced continuity of care.

All home health aides are NJ State certified and all personnel are carefully screened, tested and bonded prior to placement in the home. They are also required to pass pre-employment physicals and undergo competency evaluations. Expert Home Care also does comprehensive criminal background checks and DMV reports on all personnel. To ensure a successful placement, we match the caregiver’s skill level to the specific needs and personality of each client.

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