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Tips for Seniors Who Want to Walk for Brain Health

Walking is so simple but so powerful. Walking can do so much for brain health and seniors would do well to add a daily walk to their routines.

Walking is such a simple form of exercise and it’s something that people of all sorts of fitness levels can start doing. Any exercise at all can be great for brain health, mainly because of the boost the cardiovascular system gets, so starting a plan for walking more often is important when seniors want to keep their cognitive health strong. Companion care at home services can help seniors start routines that support walking more often if that’s their goal.

Get Medical Clearance

Companion Care at Home Morristown NJ - Tips for Seniors Who Want to Walk for Brain Health
Companion Care at Home Morristown NJ – Tips for Seniors Who Want to Walk for Brain Health

Before starting any new exercise plans, seniors should always talk to their doctors. This helps to make sure that there aren’t any impediments to starting to be more physically active. A medical evaluation ensures that there aren’t any new health issues or risk factors that make it a bad idea to start walking. Healthcare providers can also offer their senior patients guidance about how long to walk, especially when starting.

Make Walking a Daily Habit

Consistency is always helpful when starting anything new, including a new walking program. Incorporating walking into daily activities helps to make it a habit. Morning strolls, midday walks, or evening ambles are all excellent ideas. The key is to keep up with it, especially when seniors want to boost their brain health. Shorter walks at first might be the best plan, especially since aging adults can gradually work their way up to longer walks later.

Find Some Motivation

When seniors have proper motivation, that’s going to help carry them through when they’re tired or when they just don’t want to walk anymore. Setting specific goals helps quite a bit. It also helps to set additional goals afterward that help to build progress. Listening to audiobooks or music can offer a motivational boost, too.

Make it a Social Event

Walking isn’t something that seniors have to do alone. Spending time walking with friends, family members, or home care providers is a great way to make walking a social event. A general rule is that if seniors are walking fast enough that they can’t talk comfortably, they might be walking too fast. Having someone to talk to makes it easy to test out that rule.

Don’t Overdo It

Above all, seniors don’t need to overdo it when they start a new walking habit. They need to listen to their bodies and pay attention to any signs that indicate discomfort or pain. Gradually increasing time and intensity can help seniors get stronger, but the overall point isn’t to push things too hard, especially right out of the gate. Walking comfortably, hydrating along the way, and staying safe while out and about are all important ways to make walking an enjoyable activity.

Walking is so simple but so powerful. Seniors can get so many benefits from adopting a regular walking routine. They can improve their physical health, which can directly translate to keeping their brain healthier, too. Companion care at home offers companionship along the way, but companion caregivers can also offer a friendly face throughout the walk.

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