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How to Get Enough Fluids as a Senior

What are tips and tricks to keep a senior hydrated throughout each season? You want to keep them getting dehydrated. Here are things you should consider.

Diet is important for a senior but so is having a focus on fluids. Many people don’t know what a huge role water plays in staying healthy, but it should take priority in a senior’s life, especially with the seasons quickly changing. Many seniors are at risk of being dehydrated even during the winter time. So how can home care assistance providers help them with their fluid intake?

What are tips and tricks to keep a senior hydrated throughout each season? Here are things you should consider.

Understand Dehydration

Home Care Assistance Flemington NJ - How to Get Enough Fluids as a Senior
Home Care Assistance Flemington NJ – How to Get Enough Fluids as a Senior

One of the most important things you need to learn about is what dehydration is. This means whether you are someone who provides home care assistance services or you have a loved one you care deeply for, you understand what dehydration is and what it does to the body. When a senior’s body does not have enough fluids in it, dehydration occurs. A senior may experience urinary tract infections, heat stroke, dizziness, fatigue, kidney failure, or cardiovascular issues if they do not drink enough water.

If you think your loved one is super dehydrated it can be deadly. You may need to call an ambulance and take them to an emergency room at the nearest hospital if it gets too bad. Luckily, dehydration is something that home care assistance can help keep an eye on and it is something that is totally avoidable.

Keep Open Water Bottles Near

One of the easiest ways to encourage more water is by keeping it accessible. When it is out of sight for many seniors it is also out of mind. They don’t see it, they aren’t reminded to drink, and they won’t drink. Sometimes it seems like too much work to get a glass and fill it with water from the sink. Home care assistance can keep open water bottles next to your loved one so it’s something they can grab and take a swig of. They can also remind your loved one to take drinks before meals and help them keep on a routine that promotes hydration. It’s easy to count how many waters a senior has had if home care assistance uses water bottles. A senior should be drinking over 64 ounces of water but they also need to listen to their body. Drinking water every single day is crucial to keep themselves hydrated.

Drink Organic Juice

Although juice has a lot of sugar, when you find juice that is organic, without any added sugar, it can be a good form of hydration. Your senior loved one may want natural and organic cranberry juice or they may want carrot juice. Whatever it is, in moderation it can be a tasty treat and it can promote hydration throughout the day. It can be nice to grab organic cranberry juice and water it down for your loved one. This helps with that strong flavor and allows them to drink more fluids too. It’s something to think about when looking for ways to get your seniors’ hydration levels up.

Snack on Fruits and Veggies

Your body can get tons of water and fluids from fruits and vegetables. Snacking throughout the day on fresh foods can be a great way for seniors to get a small boost of water! It’s not something to be overlooked. Have a home care assistance cut fresh fruit for your loved one.

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