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Reasons Why Shopping Is Hard For Seniors

Some of the reasons why shopping gets more difficult for seniors as they get older are discussed here. A senior home care provider can shop for them.

Shopping is one of the household tasks that can be very difficult for seniors who are living alone. When seniors find it difficult or physically exhausting to shop they may not shop unless it’s necessary. That can cause them to skip meals or become malnourished because they don’t want to shop for food.  If you suspect that your senior parent is having a hard time shopping and is putting it off senior home care providers can help.

With senior home care services, seniors don’t have to go shopping if they aren’t feeling up to it. A senior home care provider can shop for them. Or, if your senior parent wants to go to the store because they like shopping but shopping is too physically demanding for them a home care provider can help them shop.

Some of the reasons why shopping gets more difficult for seniors as they get older include:

Trouble Getting Around

Senior Home Care Stockton NJ - Reasons Why Shopping Is Hard For Seniors
Senior Home Care Stockton NJ – Reasons Why Shopping Is Hard For Seniors

Seniors who are finding it harder to walk long distances may not enjoy shopping. Shopping usually involves walking around a large store on hard floors pushing a cart, all of which can be very hard for seniors. Seniors who have developed a shuffle because of conditions like Parkinson’s disease, or who need a cane or mobility aid may be unable to walk comfortably around a store.  When seniors are not very steady on their feet or don’t move very fast they may not want to go in crowded stores because they are afraid of getting bumped into or knocked over.

Reduced Grip Strength

Another reason that shopping can be difficult for seniors is that shopping involves a lot of gripping items. Seniors have to grip the cart and push it, or hold a basket. They must pick up a lot of different-shaped items, put them in the cart, and then pick them up again to put them on the checkout belt. Younger people take for granted the ability to easily pick up heavy cans, cartons of milk, and other items. But for seniors, it can be difficult and painful to pick up all those things while shopping.

Trouble Managing Money

Seniors may also struggle to manage money. If they use cash they may become confused and be unsure of how much money to give the cashier. They will be embarrassed if it’s not enough to cover the bill. Using a card to pay can also be difficult for seniors. It’s helpful to have a care provider with them who can make sure they don’t drop their money and help them pay for purchases.

Trouble Driving

Seniors also may put off shopping if they are having a hard time driving. Your senior parent may not want to tell you they are having a difficult time driving because they don’t want to lose their independence.  But, if your senior parent will only go to the store during daylight hours, or they find other excuses not to shop when they have to drive to the store the problem may be that they are having trouble driving.

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