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7 Tips on Keeping the Weight Off

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While there are many ways to successfully lose weight, most people regain it over time. Ongoing research is now giving us insights into how to keep the weight off.

The National Weight Control Registry makes these suggestions:

* Keep eating fewer calories.

* Eat a healthy breakfast.

* Exercise regularly. More than 90 percent of people who’ve kept the weight off use physical activity as part of their weight-control program.

* Weigh yourself daily. If your weight begins to creep up, make a plan to get back on track.

* Beware the fast food. If you do eat fast food, eat it less than once a week. Do not eat out more than three times a week, at any type of restaurant.

* Don’t be a couch potato. Successful weight losers watch less than ten hours of TV per week — much less than average. Try to exercise instead of eating while you watch.

* Be consistent. Those who “go off their diet” on weekends, vacations, or holidays have a harder time keeping the weight off.

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