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Getting Quality Home Health Care In New Jersey: Ask The Right Questions

For many New Jersey families the choice of providing live in care for an elderly family member is a much preferred option since home health care provides many obvious benefits for the client as well as the family when compared to a nursing home. The real challenge is choosing an agency who is competent, trustworthy, and caring. This is not a babysitting job, as the client will have very specific medical needs and the caregiver must be ultra-attentive to them. At the very least, this caregiver will need to know how to provide companionship, monitor medications, assist with personal grooming and meal preparation and perform other tasks relating to activities of daily living. Many states require home health care providers to be licensed or certified, but regardless of state requirements, a concerned family member should have very stringent standards when vetting caregivers. Thankfully, there are reputable NJ home care agencies using the best standardized screening procedures available to provide you with these experienced and skilled professionals.

Why Do This All By Yourself When You Do Not Have To?  

Obviously proper screening is essential, but how does one go about it? Even if a prospective caregiver hands over a stack of references and credentials, how do you know if these items are adequate or authentic? You need to have a thorough verification process in place to make sure the person is legitimate and trustworthy, but in reality, most people are not qualified to do this. Even the most resourceful and intelligent person would need some help, especially if this is the first time he or she has ever had to perform this task. Fortunately, there are agencies in New Jersey who specialize in hiring qualified, experienced care providers so that all you have to do is evaluate the company itself.

Now You Need to Choose the Right Company

When choosing a home health care agency, it is important to scrutinize the company’s history and procedures. A truly exceptional agency will only employ Registered Nurse (RN) supervisors and certified aides who pass thorough background screenings and skill assessments, and they will use standardized procedures to ensure that all employees will provide a consistent level of care. Additionally, the agency will handle all of the business management paperwork like payroll and tax forms and bonding. Most importantly, the best home health agencies provide personalized care that fits the client’s needs. This is especially important with patients who suffer from illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease or terminal illnesses because the provider’s skill set should include experience with the specific physical, mental, and emotional features of such conditions.

When you are considering a home health agency, be sure to ask up front about the company’s certifications and licenses and its screening procedures. Make sure that the company requires its nurse supervisors to have state licensing (RN) and that home health aides are supervised by them. The company should also make sure that the providers have appropriate insurance and bonding. Rest assured that your loved one will receive the best possible care if you ask the right questions when evaluating New Jersey home health care agencies.

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