NJ Home Health Care Client Bill of Rights

Home Care Bill of Rights & Responsibilities As a consumer of our NJ home care services, you have the right to: 1) Receive considerate and respectful care in your home at all times; have your property treated with respect; and receive service free of discrimination. 2) Participate in the development of your plan of care, […]

New Jersey Caregivers Spotlight – Meet Shanta Foreman

We are pleased to present Shanta Foreman.  She is a NJ Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) with 17 years experience working in facilities like Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Assisted Living and Private Duty Home Care. She is available for assignment through Expert Home Care. [vcex_button url=”https://www.experthomecare.com/contact-us/” title=”Learn More About Shanta” style=”flat” align=”center” color=”red” size=”medium” target=”self” rel=”none”]Inquire […]


New Jersey Senior Tips Oral history is the systematic collection of living people’s testimony about their own experiences. Historians recognize that the everyday memories of everyday people, not just the rich and famous, have historical importance. Your stories and the stories of the people around you are unique, valuable treasures for your family and your […]

Senior Dental Health – Help Them Keep Their Teeth

New Jersey Home Care News Teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but tooth decay and gum disease can often get in the way. When teeth aren’t cleaned properly or often enough, plaque can form. Plaque can cause tooth decay, damaging the enamel that covers your teeth. Plaque that stays on teeth can form tartar, […]

Relieving Pain Caused by Cancer Treatment

NJ Senior Health What causes cancer pain? Most pain is caused by the cancer itself. It often occurs because a tumor is pressing on nerves, organs or bones. How severe the pain is may depend on the type and extent of the cancer and your pain tolerance. Cancer treatments can also cause pain. For example, […]

Sleep Tips for the Elderly

NJ Senior Health 10 Sleep Tips for Seniors Many people have trouble falling asleep because of poor sleep hygiene practices. Sleep hygiene means the personal habits and environmental factors that affect your sleep. 1. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Your body gets used to a sleep pattern. Even […]

Home Safety for Seniors: 19 Tips

Home safety tips for seniors Most accidents occur in the home.  What can you do to protect an elderly loved one from getting hurt?  Here are some steps to follow: · Keep outdoor steps and walkways in good condition and clear of debris. · Illuminate all stairways and hallways and provide light switches at both […]

Elderly Hearing Problems: How to Communicate with Your Doctor

NJ Senior Health Life can become increasingly difficult for those seniors who suffer from a hearing problem.  This can be particularly distressing if it impinges on your communicating with your physician.  Here are some things to consider: Bring an interpreter. If you prefer to have an interpreter, have a friend or relative accompany you. You […]

Elderly Exercise: It’s Never Too Late

NJ Senior Health & Fitness Physical activity is good for people at any age. Among elderly adults, falls are a common cause of injury and disability. Physical activity makes your bones and muscles stronger. When your muscles are strong, you are less likely to fall. If you do fall, strong bones are less likely to […]

Tips for the Elderly to Stay Warm in Winter

NJ Senior Tips Winter is a difficult time for cold area people – most especially for elderly seniors.  Here are some things to consider (while keeping costs down): Create a “warm room” in areas where you frequently spend time. Turn down thermostats in closed-off rooms, but remember during frigid weather to provide enough heat to […]