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10 Flu Season Tips

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It’s that time of year again. Emergency rooms at hospitals around the country are preparing for an onslaught of patients with the flu.

Not sleeping well or being under additional stress can make you more susceptible. If you smoke, this is a good time to stop, because it can lower your resistance. It is strongly recommended that people over 65 get a flu shot.

How do you prevent the flu? You can reduce your chances of getting the flu by following these common sense steps:

  1. Get a flu shot
  2. Wash your hands throughout the day
  3. Keep your fingernails short
  4. If possible avoid people who are sick
  5. Drink plenty of liquids
  6. Don’t touch your eyes or mouth with your hands
  7. Use a hand sanitizer
  8. Get plenty of sleep
  9. Avoid/reduce smoking
  10. Avoid/reduce stress

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