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Senior Crisis – Long Term Care Planning in NJ

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A long distance family caregiver asked Expert Home Care to provide in-home, non medical care for her mother, age 78. Her mother had not planned well for aging, therefore left the daughter to carry the bulk of her care and long term planning. She tells us her story…

When my mother fell ill in her late 70’s, our family encountered a number of challenges in dealing with her medical care and associated finances. Unfortunately, after having a stroke, she was no longer in a sound mind to determine what she wanted in terms of her medical care, and we were unable to access her finances that we knew she had set aside for emergencies of this type. 

My mother had previously discussed her wishes regarding long-term care should the need arise, as well as her limitations regarding resuscitation; and while it had been in her mind to create a Living Will to legally document her requirements, she never got around to it before this crisis hit and that made the whole process all the more difficult.

The doctors seemed to be under the impression that she would pull through, but she also hadn’t created a Last Will and Testament, and not being in a “sound mind” would not be able to put this together legally in order to distribute her assets and finances should a tragedy occur.

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