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NJ Live In Care Planning – Long Term Care

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Continuing the real story of Senior Planning for long term care by a long distance family caregiver. Visit our blog post September 21 to read Part 1.

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We consulted a lawyer to determine how to proceed, and were informed that with regards to distributing her estate assets after death, there was nothing that we could do, and this responsibility would fall to the government. Unfortunately, as we were told, this could result in actions that were not coherent with her wishes.

After this scare, we felt helpless and were very distressed that we were not able to legally abide by my mother’s wishes during her recovery process; fortunately, she did have some insurance coverage and our family did have some savings to cover her hospital care and rehabilitation program.

My mom ultimately made a pretty miraculous recovery, and seemed to return to her normal self. Once she was legally able to do so, she went to a lawyer and prepared two legal documents; a Living Trust and a Last Will and Testament to ensure that, should her health fail again, we were well prepared and legal able to carrying out her needs. I’ve also learned through this situation, and have prepared a will of my own; something I now realize I should have done a long time ago.

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