Final Moments At Home with Live-In Care

Deciding what to do at the end of someone’s life is not only frightening, heartbreaking, and overwhelming, it is also a daunting task of finding what’s right for your loved one. You want them to be as comfortable as possible. Many wish for them to go peacefully and without pain. Frequently, people in these circumstances […]

Poor Sleep Increases Likelihood Of Catching A Cold

female caregiver with older man

Not sleeping well?  In addition to the known consequences of not getting enough sleep – fatigue, moodiness, poor concentration, obesity, more prone to accidents – a recent study has found that people who sleep six hours a night or less are also more likely to catch colds when exposed to the rhinovirus. In this study, […]

Caring For Diabetic Foot Problems Begins With Prevention

Diabetic Foot Problems

NJ Senior Health News | If you have type 2 diabetes, one of the biggest concerns you’re likely to face is diabetic foot ulcers. As many as 70 percent of diabetics have mild to severe forms of nervous system damage which can cause impaired sensation or pain in their feet. Of all lower limb amputations […]

Home Care is Not a Beginning to the End

Male home health aide with elderly man

New Jersey Senior Care News | Many older people are threatened by the mere suggestion they might need home care of any kind.  They can’t get past the feeling that bringing in a home health aide is the first step towards taking away their independence. That’s hardly the case.  Here are five things you need […]

Need For Senior Care in New Jersey and Other States Keeps Growing

An elder care consultant meeting with a senior couple.

The numbers regarding the need for senior care in  my home state of New Jersey and the US in general are astounding.  For starters, in 2020 just five years from now, the number of Americans 65 years of age and older will reach 55 million and the number who are 85 years of age and […]

Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors

NJ Home Care & Health News Eating nutritionally grows ever more important for seniors.  Here are some healthy eating habits to adopt: Reduce your sodium (salt). This will help prevent water retention and high blood pressure. Look for the “low sodium” label and season meals with garlic, herbs, and spices – instead of salt. Stock […]

When Is the Time to See a Geriatrician?

older man visiting female geriatrician

Geriatricians are primary care doctors who have had additional training in the health care needs of older people. So, why should you consider seeing one? In many cases, people over 65 – especially those over 80 – have special medical needs. Geriatricians have a deeper understanding of how these issues might affect a senior’s ability […]

Older Cancer Patients Need to Disclose Any Alternative Drugs

New Jersey Home Health Care News Many older cancer patients use alternative medicines, including some that could interfere with their treatment. A recent study in the Journal of Geriatric Oncology has shown that even though alternative medicines are marketed as “natural,” many contain active ingredients that can react with other therapies. In addition, many patients […]

Does Your Pet Make You Sneeze?

NJ Home Care News Everyone agrees that pets are great for older people. They provide love, companionship, routine, protection and, in the case of most dogs, exercise and a reason for getting out of the house. Yet, what if you’re allergic to pets? About an equal number – one in eight Americans – are allergic […]

Can’t Sleep? Don’t Be So Quick to Reach for Pills

senior woman in kitchen

For tens of thousands of Americans, the first option when they can’t sleep at night is to reach for a sleeping pill.  Research shows that this may not be such a good idea. According to a review of clinical studies reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (or CBT) is far superior […]