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Continuing our post from August 22.. Sibling Conflict in Elder Care

Resolving these conflicts can be challenging. But ignoring the difficulties in a caregiving situation can create greater challenges. Ultimately, strained family relationships can impede a family’s capacity to provide the greatest quality of care to a parent. How can families come together in caregiving?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Express your feelings honestly and directly. Let your siblings know their help is both wanted and needed.
    Keep family members informed regarding a parent’s condition.
  • Be realistic in your expectations. Allow siblings to help in ways they are able and divide tasks according to individual abilities, current life pressures and personal freedoms. Assistance with errands, finances, legal work or other indirect care may be the best option for some family members.
  • Express appreciation to your family for help they are able to provide.
  • Accept siblings for who they are and expect differences of opinion.
  • Try to respect other’s perceptions and find opportunities to compromise.
  • If communication is particularly contentious, arrange a family meeting that includes an outside facilitator, such as your FCA Family Consultant, social worker, counselor, religious leader or friend. A trusted outside party can ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.
  • If siblings are unable to help with care, seek other assistance to provide a respite for yourself.
  • Call your local Caregiver Resource Center, Area Agency on Aging, Senior Center or other community resource to locate help.
  • Try to forgive family members who continue to refuse to get involved in a loved one’s care. The only thing we have control over in a situation is our reaction. Attempt to work through your negative emotions to take care of yourself and move forward.

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