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Remembering the Deceased

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Q1 – Why is it important to remember those who have passed away?
A1 – After the death of a loved one, some feel like to cope, they should push aside the memories. Families need to honor the memories of those they’ve lost out of respect, and to aid the healing process.

Q2 – How can families honor those they have lost?
A2 – Families can create memorials, maintain rituals, and adopt causes that were important to the deceased. They can also make sure to carry on the legacy, by continuing on with their lives and chasing their dreams.

Q3 – What types of memorials can be used to remember seniors who have passed?
A3 – More typical memorials include photo collages, plaques, and flowers left at the resting place or other significant locations. Families and friends can also light candles, write a poem or story in their honor, or make a quilt.

Q4 – How can families maintain rituals?
A4 – Families should think about the things that their loved one liked to do and honor their memory by taking on the activities themselves. They can cook and enjoy a favorite meal as a family, visit a favorite location, or listen to music that the senior loved.

Q4 – What does it mean to adopt causes that were important to the decreased?
A4 – Think about which good causes, like charities or community organizations, were important to the person who has passed on. Make a donation or volunteer to help with these causes. Buy a gift for your loved one during special occasions and make a donation to a charity that was significant to them. You can also start a memorial trust or scholarship on their behalf, even making it out in their name.

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