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Women are at greater risk of developing heart disease than men. Heart disease, which can lead to heart attack, is currently the number one cause of death for American women! Here are some of the major “indicators” you should be aware of:

Overweight as a child. Excess weight during childhood can result in the development of thickened heart muscles which can significantly increase the risk of heart attack later in life.

If, at age 18:

  • You were 10-to-20 pounds overweight, you have a 25% higher risk of having a heart attack between the ages of 40 and 70. 
  • You were 18 to 24 pounds overweight, you have a 65% higher risk. 
  • You were more than 24 pounds overweight at age 18, you have a 100% greater risk than the average person.

High triglyceride levels in the blood. Like cholesterol, triglycerides can produce abnormally high accumulations of plaque in the blood vessels that lead to the heart, which can result in a heart attack.
What can you do right now to help lessen your risk? According to medical experts, here are six ways to help protect your heart and lower your risk of heart attack:

  • Quit smoking—It’s still the number-one contributing risk factor!
  • Eat a well-balanced diet. Avoid foods high in artery clogging saturated fats.
  • Choose a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, grains, low-fat meats and dairy products.
  • Exercise. Moderate exercise may well be the elixir of life. It raises good cholesterol, lowers bad cholesterol, lowers triglyceride levels, lowers blood pressure, helps control obesity.
  • See your doctor regularly. He or she can help you assess your risk, offer you advice and therapy options for quitting smoking, changing your eating habits and an appropriate exercise program. He or she can also monitor your vital signs and recommend the use of medications that can help you to control your blood pressure and/or cholesterol levels.
  • Whether you are a man or a woman, heart disease, heart attack and stroke represent your number one health risks. A proactive approach to improving your health and lifestyle can go a long way to put the odds in your favor by reducing your susceptibility.

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