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Stop Outbursts By Relying On Redirection

Stop Outbursts by Relying on Redirection

Family caregivers enjoy a lot of laughter and closeness with their parents. There are also moments of frustration. This is especially true if your parent has Alzheimer’s. People with Alzheimer’s are prone to outbursts because they’re frustrated and having a hard time expressing it.

Home Care Toms River NJ - Stop Outbursts by Relying on Redirection

Home Care Toms River NJ – Stop Outbursts by Relying on Redirection

Your mom has Alzheimer’s and often flies into a rage over trivial matters. Redirecting those outbursts is the best way to manage the situation. With redirection, you diffuse the situation and keep your mom from hurting herself or someone else.

Do Something She’s Not Expecting

Your mom is in a meltdown. Do something unexpected. Make a funny face or start dancing with a mop. Grab her shoes and ask her to take a walk with you. If she has a dog, grab a ball or toy and start tossing it for the dog to fetch.

Put on Music

One of the easiest ways to redirect is by putting on some music. Pick music from your mom’s youth. It’s likely to be the music that she remembers and responds to the best. Sing if you can and start dancing. It’s going to catch her attention and may get her to join in. By the time the song is done, she’ll have forgotten what made her upset.

Have a Tea Time

Stop and have afternoon tea together. Plate some crackers, fresh fruit, and slices of cheese. Make a pot of decaf coffee, some hot tea, or iced tea. Pour yourself both a cup and bring it all to a table. Sit down with her and enjoy the break. Talk to her about something you know she likes. That break will take care of any anger caused by her being hungry. It also gives you a chance to recharge.

Grab a Favorite Food

If your mom is having a rough moment, think of something she loves to snack on. Does she enjoy chocolate? Grab a square from a chocolate bar and offer it to her. If she loves watermelon, cut up some cubes and give them to her.

Take Care of Yourself

Don’t forget to practice self-care. Many family caregivers put their own needs last and focus all attention on their parents. The way to ensure you have time for yourself is by arranging part-time home care services.

Whether it’s once a week that home care providers help out or a few hours each day, you need that break. Use it to enjoy social events, run errands, or go for a long walk by yourself. Call our home care agency to learn more.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Home Care Services in Toms River NJ please contact the caring staff at Expert Home Care today at (732) 937-5320.

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