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Helping Your Senior Save Money

NJ Senior Money Management

Saving money is a problem for people at any age, but for New Jersey retirees with limited budgets, it becomes all the more important.  Here are some things to consider:

  • AARP costs very little to join, but it can save a senior money through the discounts and other programs they offer.
  • Check with local banks to see if they offer banking programs for seniors. Some banks will not charge monthly fees for seniors or they might be able to get their checks for free.
  • All states have a senior citizens agency that will have information on state and federal programs that may help you save money.  Check your local Department of Social Services for a starting point to find these types of agencies. You might also want to check with AARP to see if they have a list of agencies in your area.
  • Check with senior citizen organizations to get information on inexpensive day and weekend trips. You have the safety of a group and they offer a wide variety of trips. You can also check with your Parks and Recreation Department to see if they offer any trips. When you make your reservations for hotels, restaurants, etc. let them know you are a senior citizen. Most places won’t ask and you might be surprised at the discounts offered.
  • Organize a maintenance service program if you live in a neighborhood with other seniors. You can get together with your neighbors and find out what kinds of things need to be done around everyone’s home. Then you can bargain with a contractor to get a more affordable price for all the work.
  • Take advantage of educational programs that many colleges offer at discounts to seniors.  Continuing education programs can keep your mind sharp and help you learn something new.
  • See a free movie, usually a matinee, at a theater that offers free movies to seniors.   Most recreational and entertainment organizations, as well as restaurants, offer similar discounts during certain time periods.

Posted by: Frank Esposito, Vice President of Expert Home Care.  New Jersey’s Expert Home Care provides professional and reliable home health care and companion care for NJ elderly, helping them with their daily living activities since 1984. Please call us toll free at 800-848-2336 when you have home care related questions or need assistance for a loved one. Get a Free Home Care Assessment (a $375 value!) when you mention this post.

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