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Common Reasons For Sleep Issues In The Elderly

Common Reasons for Sleep Issues in the Elderly

As the old saying goes, “early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. Unfortunately, many elderly people have issues sleeping during the night which makes it hard for them to achieve their goal of going to bed early and getting up early. There are many benefits to getting a good night’s rest. Improved health issues being one of the most important benefits a person can receive.

If your elderly loved one is having sleep issues it is essential to find the underlying cause.

Elder Care Monroe Township NJ - Common Reasons for Sleep Issues in the Elderly

Elder Care Monroe Township NJ – Common Reasons for Sleep Issues in the Elderly


Noise is one of the main reasons why a person doesn’t get good quality sleep. As an elder care provider or family caregiver, you might want to check to ensure there aren’t any noise distractions in your elderly loved one’s home. There could be various noises that are keeping them awake. These might include the following:

  • Television left on during the night
  • Other people in the home being too noisy
  • Spouses or friends snoring too loudly
  • The sounds of outside distractions

Pinpointing the cause of the noise that is keeping your elderly loved one from getting a good night’s sleep is one of the keys to reducing the number of sleepless nights they have.


Light can affect a person’s sleep. For instance, a neon sign from a business across the road can shine brightly into your loved one’s home. This could keep your loved one from being able to sleep. The bright morning sunshine can glow through the curtains and wake your loved one, as well. In this case, you or an elder care provider might want to go to the store and get your loved one blackout curtains.


Some people have trouble sleeping when it is too hot in their room. Others have problems staying asleep if they get too cold. It might be difficult to know which category your elderly loved one falls into when it comes to the temperature the prefer at night. The best thing to do is ask them if they feel temperature might be causing their sleep issues.

Eating Too Much

Some studies show that when a person eats a lot right before bedtime they might have trouble sleeping through the night. It often takes a while for a person to digest their food. This means that your elderly loved one might find themselves having to get up more often to use the bathroom. They might also have stomach cramps while trying to sleep. Try encouraging your elderly loved one to eat earlier. It might help them to get a better night’s sleep.

You have just learned many common reasons for sleep issues in the elderly. It is important to remember if your elderly loved one continues to have sleeping problems, the best thing to do is speak with their doctor for further assistance.


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