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Ann’s New Jersey Home Care Story

Ann’s New Jersey Home Care Story

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New Jersey Home Care Stories


Home care plays a big role in keeping New Jersey seniors out of the hospital. Take the care of Ann, an 89-year-old woman who had been in and out of the hospital with congestive heart failure (CHF). While CHF is life threatening, the condition can be kept under control through lifestyle changes and medication.

Ann has lived alone since her husband died several years ago. Her daughter, Sarah, who lives several hours away, knew her mother’s condition would regress and she would end up back in the hospital unless she had someone taking good care of her. Since her mother refuses to move in with her or into an assisted living facility, her daughter’s options were limited. She needed to find a third party caregiver.

Sarah wasn’t sure where to start. Speaking to some of her mother’s friends, however, Sarah got the names of two local New Jersey home care agencies they recommended. Over Ann’s objections, Sarah convinced her mother to meet with a home health aide from each agency. She settled on one, a woman named Audrey who now comes to Ann’s home four hours each day. This gives Ann a continued sense of independence while monitoring her closely for any adverse events – and a sense of comfort to Sarah, who can’t be there to check on her. More specifically, Audrey has helped Ann in terms of the following:

  • Making sure she keeps her medical appointments
  • Seeing that she takes her medication
  • Taking her on short walks
  • Preparing heart healthy meals
  • Doing light housekeeping and laundry chores
  • Being alert to any signs of CHF

While CHF is a chronic illness, Ann is doing well and Sarah, who calls Audrey regularly to check up on her mother, believes that things are in good hands.

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