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Ten Expectations for Elder Care and Quality of Life

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10 Real Expectations for Quality of LIfe in a Well Managed Long Term Care Facility, by Jill B. Thomas RNC, LNHA is the Vice President and Founder of Advance Care Planning, Inc

Advising Your Client How to Recognize Ten Real Expectations for Quality of Life in a Well Managed Long Term Care Facility

Long term care facilities will become home to millions of “Baby Boomers,” in the coming years. Many people fear the move from their own home to a long term care faciliy.. they just don�t know what to expect. Every person has a right to good care under the 1987 Federal Nursing Home Reform Law. 

The law, which is part of the Social Security Act, states that a long tem care facility must help each resident ‘attain or maintain’ his or her highest level of well being – physically, mentally and emotionally. This report sets the expectations of those needing to address the long term needs of their family members. Through the use of the Advancer Care Plan, a family member can count on these expectations, and more importantly, can be assured that the care is specifically tailored to the loved one’s needs.

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