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Can Some Good Ideas Hurt Your Senior’s Health?

Senior Home Care Monroe Township NJ-Your senior is doing everything right in her quest to be healthy, right? Except some habits might not fully support her health. Explore some here.

There’s so much advice out there about how to live healthier, especially for aging adults. The real bummer in all of that is that it’s possible to go overboard with good ideas and advice, too. One way to help your senior to stay on target is to hire senior home care professionals to assist her in seeking out a healthy balance in all of her areas of life.

Senior Home Care Monroe Township NJ - Can Some Good Ideas Hurt Your Senior’s Health?
Senior Home Care Monroe Township NJ – Can Some Good Ideas Hurt Your Senior’s Health?

Completely Avoiding the Sun

The sun can do a lot of damage, which is why it’s a good idea for your elderly family member to regularly wear sunscreen that helps to block both UVA and UVB rays. But the sun does a lot of good, too, especially in the brain. Your senior’s brain needs to see the sun in order to keep its circadian rhythm on target. Spending just a few minutes in the sun each day can also help your elderly family member’s body to generate vitamin D. So, completely staying out of the sun all the time isn’t as great an idea as you might have thought.

Senior Home Care Aides Watch for Eating Too Many “Healthy” Snacks

Candy bars, chips, sugar, and other “bad” snacks are probably obvious bad ideas for your senior, especially in large amounts. But it’s possible to go too far the other way, too. Having too much of a good thing can also easily become a bad thing. That’s something to watch out for with snacks like nuts, “healthy” cereal bars, and other snacks that your senior might be subbing in for the less healthy options. Senior home care professionals can help your aging family member to balance out her snacks in truly healthy ways.

Only Sipping Water When Thirsty

Your senior drinks water, but is she getting ahead of her thirst, or waiting to feel thirsty first? The answer matters a lot more than you might think. The human body is funny in some ways and the thirst response is just one example. When your aging family member registers that she’s feeling thirsty, that is her body reacting to already being a little bit dehydrated. A much better option is to encourage her to sip water often throughout the day before she’s actually thirsty.

Sticking to One Type of Exercise Only

Exercise is fantastic and if your elderly family member is doing something every day, like walking, that’s wonderful for her health. But she might be doing herself a bit of a disservice if she’s not shaking things up now and again. Your elderly family member’s body needs a variety of different types of movement in order to fully benefit from exercise. She might want to talk with her doctor about what other types of exercise are a good idea for her to try. Finding exercise that allows her to have fun is really important, too.

So much in life is about a healthy balance. That can be tough for your senior to manage on her own, but with the help of senior home care providers, it’s a lot easier for her to find that sweet spot in the middle.

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Providing Live-In Home Care in New Jersey, Since 1985

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