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Senior Activities

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New Jersey’s Expert Home Care for Elders and Seniors provides senior care, home care & live-in care for your aging loved ones since 1984. Please call us when your loved one needs help – 800-848-2336.

Increase Mental Clarity & Concentration – Keeps the Mind Alert

Here are a few tips that help seniors in New Jersey maintain a sharp brain:

• Play pool/billiards – engaging in an activity of this type requires you to plan and create a strategy. It also requires you to ignore environmental distractions, and incorporates aspects of physics and geometry, though it’s use of angles and shapes.

• Play chess or cards – you’ll be required to use your memory for recall, and also benefit from the social aspects of playing with a friend

• Sign up for an informative newsletter – as long as the topic has some element of education, for example “world of the day”, “quote of the day” or “this day in history” there are benefits to the mind. The mental stimulation increases your comprehension skills and adds to your knowledge

• Learn something new – take a class, learn to cook or register for a new activity. Your mind benefits from the retention skills and memorization that are involved

• Speak a foreign language – learning a new language and engaging in conversation, watching TV, or reading that requires your new skill keeps your brain flexible

Expert Home Care

Frank Esposito has 33 years experience in the field of non-medical home care and home health care in the state of New Jersey (NJ). As an operations manager he has delivered over 65 million hours of service to 8,000 + clients. He is sought after nationwide as a consultant and trainer.

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