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Nutrition for Seniors

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You Are What You Eat – By Senior Daily Living

Our eating changes as we age. When we’re young, we gravitate towards foods that are fun, fast, and satisfying. Our lives are hectic, our pocketbooks are light, and our stomachs are never satisfied. You grab some hot wings when drinking at a bar with friends, you reach for pizza on your lunch break, and you indulge in your banan walnut muffin the morning. We often don’t think twice about these choices when we’re healthy and have our whole lives ahead of us.

However, when we age and our bodies become ill or just more susceptible to illness, it’s necessary to create a different relationship to food and our bodies.

The concept of “health food” can be a confusing one. Everyone seems to have a different notion about what foods heal and promote life, and which foods do not. But the answer could be as simple as getting the facts, and experimenting with your own body to find what’s satisfying, nourishing, and creates your own personal state of well-being.

Expert Home Care

Frank Esposito has 33 years experience in the field of non-medical home care and home health care in the state of New Jersey (NJ). As an operations manager he has delivered over 65 million hours of service to 8,000 + clients. He is sought after nationwide as a consultant and trainer.

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