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NJ Live-in Caregiver tips for Elder Care in New Jersey

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New Jersey’s Expert Home Care for Elders and Seniors provides care for your aging loved ones since 1984. Please call us when your loved one needs help – 800-848-2336.


  • While it may seem easier to push your feelings aside, acknowledge them and let yourself experience the emotions. The best thing to do is to ask yourself why you are feeling that way, address the issues, and then you’ll be able to move on.
  • Alter or modify your environment to boost your mood, you don’t need to make drastic changes to make a difference. A small change like lighting a candle, burning some incense or putting on great music or a movie can help relax you and change your mood from negative to positive.
  • Admit what you’re dealing with to the people you work with. You don’t need to keep it to yourself, and may find that other co-workers may be able to provide you with much needed support and could even have gone through similar things. Your boss may be more understanding if they recognize your situation in advance, although you shouldn’t take advantage of any kindness extended.  It’s better to talk about what you’re dealing with, then to try and keep in a secret.
  • Ask for help from your family, friends and professionals. These people can be great resources for information, and can also help you out when you’re in a bind. Asking for help is the first step towards establishing a support network.
  • Recharge your batteries by engaging in activities you enjoy, whatever they may be. You need to remember to take care of yourself, or you won’t be much good to anyone else!

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Frank Esposito has 33 years experience in the field of non-medical home care and home health care in the state of New Jersey (NJ). As an operations manager he has delivered over 65 million hours of service to 8,000 + clients. He is sought after nationwide as a consultant and trainer.

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