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New Years Resolutions for Senior Citizens

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What can New Jersey seniors do to make the New Year a good one?  Consider the following:

Shared experiences and the resulting wisdom
The younger generations need the benefit of the wisdom elderly citizens have acquired throughout their lives. By sharing their wisdom with young people, senior citizens become a benefit to the community.  They need it and local seniors will enjoy feeling needed.

Find an organization to support and volunteer to help them. Doing so will not only make a senior citizen’s golden years meaningful, but it will also bring them happiness.

Keep using all faculties
Look for ways for seniors to continue using all of their faculties (physical, mental and spiritual) so they do not suffer from lack of use. Playing games, engaging in social activities, prayer, meditation and exercise are perfect for strengthening these faculties.

Maintain good health
Maintain your health by exercising regularly, and making adjustments to lifestyle and diet. Talk to your doctor about reducing medications to the least amount and strength possible.

Enjoy the arts
Do you enjoy the fine arts, such as music,  visual arts, performing arts etc. that New Jersey has to offer? This is an active rather than passive interaction like watching run-of-the-mill programs on television.

Posted by: Frank Esposito, Vice President of Expert Home Care.  New Jersey’s Expert Home Care provides professional and reliable home health care and companion care for NJ elderly, helping them with their daily living activities since 1984. Please call us toll free at 800-848-2336 when you have home care related questions or need assistance for a loved one. Get a Free Home Care Assessment (a $375 value!) when you mention this post.

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