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Expert Home Care in New Jersey at 800-848-2336 – We introduce Mr. Michael FitzPatrick, Managing Partner, The LTC  Partnership, LLC –

Michael FitzPatrick reminds us why women need to pay close attention to planning for their future.. the long term care future.  He asks a provocative question…  “When visiting nursing homes in America, what do you see? More specifically WHO do you see in nursing homes?”

Thinking back when visiting my dad living with Alzheimer’s, I remember seeing more women.  “Why do you suppose that is?”, asks Michael FitzPatrick. 

We can only assume why there are more women in nursing homes is because women out live their mates, and we don’t plan for our on future. “Men”, as Michael shared, “don’t plan for their future…, why do you think?” Michael believes it’s because most men KNOW they will be taken care of by their family.. usually the wife first, and then the adult children.

Reasons there is a disproportionate number of women in nursing homes –

  • Women live no longer
  • Family is no longer close to provide care for aging relative
  • Increasing number of women remain single and childless
  • Women have no financial plan in place

2008 Statistics on Long Term Care for Women

  • Average life expectancy is 84
  • Social Security provides 40% of all retiree’s income
  • 12-15 million Americans need long term care now
  • Between 65 and 70% of women work outside the home
  • Divorce rates are on the rise – 1 out of 2 marriages end in divorce
  • 25% of baby boomers don’t have children
  • Family members can live across town & the country

Expert Home Care invites women in New Jersey to learn how better care for themselves in the future. Call Michael FitzPatrick at (973) 394-0053 or visit THE LTC Partnership at


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