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New Jersey Home Care Agency Celebrates Canine Staffer’s 8th Birthday, Dedicated Service to Elderly

February 14, 2013 ( New Brunswick, NJ – The staff at Expert Home Care, a New Jersey home care agency that provides caregivers to aging seniors, is celebrating the 8th birthday and dedicated service of one of it’s most treasured members: Lola the therapy dog.

Lola, who turned 8 years old this month, is a Havanese certified in pet therapy for seniors. She has been making visits with the public and clients of Expert Home Care for several years. The happy-go-lucky pooch with her owners Frank and Desiree Esposito make the rounds at local New Jersey assisted living residences and client homes, where Lola doles out her special brand of comfort and affection. The well-groomed, cuddly canine brings happiness to everyone she encounters.

Pet therapy has been shown to have numerous benefits for people such as relieving stress and anxiety, improving mood and lowering blood pressure. Certified therapy dogs are used in a multitude of settings, including hospitals, schools and senior living communities where they provide entertainment, comfort and general enjoyment.

“We’re very pleased with the results of the pet therapy program and how it’s been received by the community and our clients.” said Frank Esposito, Vice President of Expert Home Care. “It’s also quite heart warming to see senior spirits lifted by the affection of an animal.” he added.

Lola is certified for pet therapy duties by Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs. She has undergone training to be comfortable in different environments and earned the AKC Canine Good Citizenship Award, which is only bestowed upon dogs with superb dispositions.

Lola enjoys the company of people, is both calm and playful and knows how to work a room. She comes to the NJ home care office fairly often and the staff enjoy her company. She is a morale booster and truly part of the team.

The free offer to spend time with Lola is open to Expert Home Care clients who do not have a communicable illness. People can meet her, have her sit on their lap or by their side and watch her play and dance.

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Expert Home Care of New Jersey has been providing hourly and live in caregivers and certified home health aides to elderly clients since 1985. Their experience in the field of home health care is unrivaled in the garden state. The company employs and supervises its caregivers and takes care of all tax matters, federal and state. They also offer a unique 48 hour caregiver guarantee which allows new clients to try their service risk free. Clients can receive a full refund for the first 48 hours of care plus a replacement caregiver if they are dissatisfied.

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