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Focus Should Be on Slowing, Not Stopping, the Aging Process 

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Is aging a process or disease we should attempt to stop? Researchers at a recent conference cohosted by the American Federation for Aging Research and The Gerontological Society of America advocate delaying the aging process, according to WebMD Medical News.

Researchers say that rather than hunting for ways to transform older people into younger versions of themselves, we should focus our efforts on enhancing health and vigor and reducing frailty and disability at all ages.

“What we should be pursuing is a way to slow down the biological process of aging rather than stop it. Delaying is the operative word, stopping or reversing should not be in our vocabulary,” says S. Jay Olshansky, PhD, professor of public health at the University of Illinois.

“If we succeeded in delaying aging, the bonus would likely be an extension of life,” Olshansky adds, “but more importantly, in my view, dramatic reductions in health care costs and improvements in public health at all ages.”

Major Concerns Over Aging

Each year Americans spend more than $1 billion on anti-aging cosmetics alone, according to WebMD. And the demand for anti-aging treatments, such as human growth hormone injections, vitamin and mineral supplements, and other types of hormone therapy is rapidly growing.

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