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Professional Care

Whether you need Live In care or Hourly services, home health care or non-medical care, we can customize a plan to fit most needs and budgets.

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RN Supervision

RN supervision of caregivers provides quality assurances that our client's needs are addressed thoroughly and professionally.

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Alzheimer's / Hospice Care

Expert Home Care provides services for individuals with Alzheimer’s and related dementia as well as those suffering from terminal illness and involved with Hospice.

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Outstanding Caregivers

Including Certified Home Health Aides and non medical companions. All of our caregivers are carefully background checked, bonded and insured.

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48 Hour Guarantee

If at anytime during the first 48 hours of care you're not satisfied with your caregiver for any reason, just call us and your care will be absolutely FREE.

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Awards & Affiliations

Over the last 30 years, Expert Home Care has received numerous citations and recognition for achieving excellence in New Jersey home care. 

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NJ Home Care Reviews

34 Years Experience Providing the Highest Quality of Home Health Care to New Jersey Seniors

We want you to be happy and healthy, that's why we're here.

Take a look at our affordable home healthcare plans to protect your loved ones.

New Jersey Home Health Care Summer Discount

When a parent or loved one becomes ill or frail, suffers from a chronic condition, or is recovering from an injury, illness or surgical procedure, there is no better place for them to receive the care they need than in the comfort of their own home. Home health care allows your loved one to remain in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home, close to the ones they love and close to the things they cherish, while maintaining independence and dignity. Simply put, the advantages of in-home care over institutional care are:

Comfort.  Control.  Continuity.  Safety.  Dignity.

Expert Home Care of New Jersey understands how difficult it is for both a patient and their family to find good in home assistance. We recognize that there are many choices for families today and that this can be a stressful time for everyone involved, which is why we created our risk-free, 48 Hour Caregiver Guarantee.  We have been providing Home Health Care to New Jersey families since 1985, and have grown to become one of the largest licensed providers of Live-In Home Care in the upper New Jersey area. Our many years of New Jersey home care experience has produced a company that over 8,000 clients have come to rely on confidently, for help.

How Does Expert Home Care Help?

The biggest benefit of Live In home care is the continuity of care. This allows for a relationship of trust to form between caregiver and client/family, which more than anything else, makes for a successful home care arrangement. Depending on the level of home care required, we can place either a certified home health aide or a home care companion into the comfort of the patient's home. They can help with daily living activities and needs such as walking, bathing, dressing, meal preparation and light housekeeping. The caregiver, working under RN ( Registered Nurse ) supervision becomes a much needed companion and provides peace of mind for the entire family.

At Expert Home Care we are now offering a 48 Hour Caregiver Guarantee, which gives your loved one the opportunity to try out one of our caregivers risk-free. If at anytime within the first 48 hours of care you are not satisfied with your caregiver for any reason, just call us and your care will be absolutely FREE... It's an offer that's unheard of in our industry. At Expert Home Care we're so confident we can match your needs with one of our qualified caregivers that we guarantee it!

As the officers of Expert Home Care, we pledge our commitment and dedication to making a difficult situation as comfortable as possible by making your satisfaction our top priority. In this website, you will find lots of information regarding the services we provide and answers to the many questions you may have. Please feel free to browse our FAQ and NJ Home Care Articles sections as well.

Expert Home Care adheres to the principles of truth in advertising and all the information accurately represents the organization's scope of services provided, licenses, price claims or testimonials.  Expert Home Care does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

Should you have questions about anything relating to senior home care in New Jersey, please feel free to give us a call. When you need service, we're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,

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David Goodman, CSA, President

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Frank Esposito, CSA, Executive Vice President


Expert Home Care is accredited through The National Institute for Home Care Accreditation (NIHCA).
Whose mission it is to: “Promote quality, professionalism, and ethics to ensure the public trust, by setting standards, qualifications and guidance for the delivery of safe essential home care services. This is accomplished by producing qualified, principled home care provider organizations through an objective accreditation process and independent oversight.”



Mr. A.G., Pompton Lakes, NJ

The caregivers you sent us were caring, patient, responsible and intelligent. Needless to say, it would have been very difficult or impossible to take care of my father since both my wife and I work.”

Mrs. C.F.I.

Mrs. C.F.I., Toms River, NJ

My father suffered from dementia and also was handicapped with his mobility. Tatlyn cared for my father and demonstrated kindness, concern and respect for him at all times. She was not only his Caregiver but, more importantly, she acted as his companion and friend.”

Mary Kay Krokowski

Mary Kay Krokowski, BSN, MA, CMC, Aging Advisors, LLC, Pennington, NJ

Working as a nursing professional in Geriatric Care Management, it is important to me to utilize Certified Home Health Agencies that thoroughly screen their employees, that are responsive to client’s changing needs, and that are attentive to the families and Care Managers that rely on them. Expert Home Care has demonstrated these characteristics over the past 5 years that I have called upon them for many of my most challenging cases.”

B.N. Schreiber

B.N. Schreiber, RN, BSN, GCM, CareManagers Inc.

At CareManagers Inc., individuals and families call for assistance with significant decisions that affect their health care planning. This is a relationship of trust and we are careful, not only with the care that we provide, but with those to whom we refer our clients. Over the years, we have been fortunate to have Expert Home Care available to us for services to our clients and their families. The professional, prompt services they consistently provide give us confidence and pride in this wonderful agency.

Dr. A. Winter

Dr. A. Winter, NJ Neurological Institute

"Expert home Care has given excellent and responsive service to my patient over the past 4 years. Their cooperation and response has been outstanding."

Expert Home Care Inc.
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About Our Caregiving Services Agency and Company

Proudly serving Mount Arlington NJ in New Jersey.

Would you like to hire Expert Home Look after personal care? Do you want to understand specifically why you ought to hire the corporation to provide maintain your partner? When you have been helping someone in your life making use of their personal care, you understand how challenging it may be to be in control of this sort of important task. When you may enjoy helping as possible, there is no doubt you possess other responsibilities and could use help caring for your dearly loved one. If you select personal care by Expert Home Care, there are many benefits and a number of them will likely be shared in this article.

To start with, if you select personal care you can rest assured that your partner is receiving the kind of assistance they need. Most people are different in the way they live and with the needs they may have. At Expert Home Care, we understand this and will take every measure to ensure your loved one receives the individualized care they specifically need. We are going to talk to to discover their demands, their likes in addition to their dislikes, and stay accessible to understanding all we are able to about the special person in your daily life. The greater number of we understand about the person we are taking good care of, the higher we can provide the level of care that is needed.

Also, with personal care, you are aware that your beloved can be looked after by someone who is knowledgeable. Our caregivers are trained to handle a wide array of conditions and discover ways to supply the care that is required. We ensure that they have the skills needed to properly care for patients with cancer or dementia, people who have suffered a stroke, those are aging and need additional assistance, a great deal more. We wish one to have satisfaction that we are comfortable tending to these patients and providing them the kind of degree of care they need.

Then, choosing Expert Home Maintain personal take care of the one you love means that you can to pay additional time on yourself and taking care of your additional responsibilities. We know how overwhelming it can be to deal with a loved one as well as have all of life’s other responsibilities looming overhead. Because of this, our company is proud to offer you services that will allow you to go out and revel in yourself so you can return and supply the particular care that you want for the one you love. Basically we are there any looking after the special person in your own life, you could find that you are able to learn a guide, visit with friends, require a nap, or catch up in the laundry.

Now, once you don’t have medical training or experience, how confident will you be throughout an emergency situation? Keep in mind that nobody is questioning your love or dedication. But when you really want the very best for the person you worry about, you want to provide them with the best possible hospice care. And therefore means calling people that specialize in making your beloved as comfortable because the situation allows.

– The Quantity Of Commitment And Responsibility

Experiencing cancer can be very challenging. If you are the caregiver of someone you care about using this type of horrible disease, you will probably find that providing maintain this individual can be a little difficult with all your other responsibilities. Even though it is admirable to want to look after your beloved on your own, Expert Home Care may help take a number of the burden off of you. Check this out helpful article to understand how to locate a reputable caregiver and the way it will also help both you and your cherished one.

To conclude, if you have someone close having suffered from a stroke, it can be important to hire Expert Home Care ahead into your home and allow you to maintain the special person in your life. Take into account the benefits that were discussed here to help you evaluate if our caregivers are suitable for your situation.

Have you been taking good care of someone close? Would you find it difficult to do what needs to be carried out to properly deal with your partner, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, or other special person in your life? Could be the conditioning worsening or becoming overwhelming to you? Though it may be quite admirable to care for someone you care about, together with life’s other responsibilities, it could become a good challenge for many individuals. That is why, it is far from uncommon to choose 24 / 7 home care from reputable companies. Should this be something that you are considering, there are several good things about in-home care since you will see in this article.

3. Time For Your Self. Opting to hire Expert Home Care for your partner with dementia means you will have much more time on your own. Even if this may experience selfish, it really is quite the opposite. It could be exhausting living with someone with dementia and you need to properly look after yourself by providing yourself a chance to rest, relax and time for you to enjoy everything life offers. In doing so, it is possible to enjoy more time with those in your own life, including your partner with dementia. When our healthcare professionals are providing care, you may have the rest you will need or visit friends who feed your soul.

3. Knowledge. As well as understanding and patience, it will require a definite level of knowledge. The level and kind of knowledge that is needed is dependent upon the problem the patient has and the amount of it. For example, in the event the person being taken care of has dementia, it is crucial that the caregiver knows how to handle situations that may arise, what kind of care the individual needs, and the way to provide this care. The sort of care provided for someone with dementia may vary compared to care provided for anyone with cancer or another conditions. For that reason, having understanding of the condition and also the person is vital to as being a competent caregiver.

Seniors will be assessed and services is going to be tailored to ensure everyone is finding the quality care that they require. Which means that they could be assured that someone is obviously checking up on their loved ones and ensuring their safety.

Also, Parkinson’s patients can greatly benefit from exercising. An in-home caregiver from Expert Home Care provides you or your family member with more information about this. If it’s something that’s of interest, chances are they can provide an exercise regime you and your cherished one can follow.

It can be never readily accessible a trusted In-home care agency which takes proper care of your partner with a friendly cost. But, with the services, we focus much more on the individual and locate a good package that may be friendly for your pocket. Moreover, by hiring our team, you can be sure that your particular old guardian or parents can retain their dignity and independence.

The most significant fears that men and women have about aging is the possibilities of being compelled to transfer to a care home. The household home is a vital space with plenty of memories, and lots of the elderly are active people in their communities, and you should not desire to lose their friends and their daily routines.

Alzheimer’s is a serious condition, but the good news is that it must be often caught early today, there are steps that could be taken to slow the progress of the illness. Many those who are during the early stages of developing Alzheimer’s disease just might stay in their own individual homes and retain a decent degree of independence.

While many of the patients are those people who are still living in their own home, we do offer hands-on maintain individuals in assisted living facilities, who think that the care these are getting with the facility is not quite enough to pay their needs. For those people, hourly care services are an excellent option that will assist the patient to cope with the needs of day to day life.

No matter who is helping at home, laundry and other chores make gonna mom and/or dad’s more of a task than the usual joy. Once you have assistance with household responsibilities, the burden is lightened for everyone. Your parent(s), too, will delight in a lot of the family after they don’t feel as if a burden directly to them.

Expert Home Care

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