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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Most Commonly Asked Questions about Live In Home Care.

Q: “Why Home Health Care? Why Live-In care?”

A: Hospitals are discharging patients earlier than ever and charging more than ever! Home Health Care provides a more cost-effective, comforting alternative. In fact, studies have shown that patients do better at home both physically and psychologically. LIVE-IN care provides continuity of care and peace-of-mind for patient and family.

Q: “What should I look for in a Home Health Care Agency?”

A: ASK ALL AGENCIES! – Are you licensed? Are you accredited? Are your aides certified by the State? Do you perform criminal and DMV checks against your aides? Do you provide RN (Nursing) supervision? Does your agency take care of complete employee payroll responsibilities? Do you provide a Free in home consultation? The answer to all of these with Expert Home Care is YES!

Q: “What does it mean to be an accredited agency?”

A: NJ law requires all Health Care Service Firms to be accredited by an approved accrediting body. Expert is accredited by the National Institute for Home Care Accreditation (NIHCA). This mean that we are responsible and accountable to the high standards of NIHCA for operating a home care business and providing care.

Q: “Do you accept Medicaid and or Medicare?”

A: Expert Home Care is a private pay agency. This means we cannot accept Medicaid or Medicare for payment. We can provide assistance if you have Long-term care insurance.

Q: “Do the aides get time off?”

A: Yes. Most aides will stay for several weeks before taking some time off. He or she will arrange for a substitute through the agency. You will be informed by the aide and agency regarding the details of any time-off requests. We will then contact you directly with the substitute aides name.

Q: “As the patients family, what are WE expected to provide for the aide?”

A: A private room with comfortable bed and space for personal belongings as well as 3 meals per day. Labor laws require live-in aides to get 8 hours of sleep per night and breaks for meals and personal time.

Q: “Is Expert Home Care the EMPLOYER of their Home Health Aides?”

A: Yes, Expert Home Care covers all wages, payroll taxes and Workmans Compensation Insurance. We handle all the required deductions and tax filings with the government authorities.

Q: “How are services paid for and what is billing procedure?”

A: As is industry standard, Expert Home Care bills on a weekly basis with payment due upon receipt each week. We also require a one week deposit with all new service agreements. For your convenience, we accept personal checks and direct bank debit. We can also provide assistance if you have Long-term care insurance. We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid.

Q: “How much lead time is required for placement?”

A: Expert requests a 2 to 3 day notice to make a placement. HOWEVER, we do understand how quickly a need can develop and so we are frequently able to make a placement within 24 hours. Ask about our 48 Hour Caregiver Guarantee.

Q: “Are your Home Health Aides (HHA) Certified, Screened, Bonded and Insured?”

A: Yes – All of our personnel have been extensively screened through in-depth interviews and reference checking, and are certified by the Board of Nursing as Home Health Aides. Expert also performs criminal and motor vehicle background checks.

Q: “Do you provide RN supervision? How often?”

A: Yes, all cases are seen by our RN who will conduct an initial patient assessment and create a care plan for the aide to follow. Thereafter, the RN will visit at least every 60 days to re-assess the patient needs and supervise the aide. In between visits an RN will call to speak with both aide and patient or family member to ascertain that everything is satisfactory with the care being rendered.

Q: “Can the client or client’s family meet the prospective aide prior to placement?”

A: Yes, in fact we highly encourage this. This gives each party the opportunity to get to know one another and ask questions before any commitments are made. We can arrange interviews in our office or at your home.

Q: “How do the HHA’s get to their cases? Do they have their own transportation?”

A: Expert Home Care provides complimentary van service, ensuring reliable, on-time arrival of our Live-in aides to the client’s homes. Most hourly caregivers have their own mode of transportation to get to their assignments.

Q: “Does Expert Home Care provide “In-Service” training?”

A: Yes. Expert requires all of its employees to complete a minimum of 12 hours of In-Service training a year. This training meets all OSHA requirements.

Q: “Will Expert share my health information with anyone?”

A: No. Expert will respect your privacy as mandated by HIPAA.

Q: “Are Expert’s prices competitive?”

A: Although Expert provides personalized and unique home-health care services that differentiate us from the competition, our rates remain very competitive with, and often lower than, our competitors!

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