Home Care Represents Best Solution For Alzheimer’s Patients

New Jersey Home Care Stories The doctor’s diagnosis, based on a brief exam and memory screening, came as no surprise to the patient’s spouse. All the same, hearing it was a shock. The doctor told the woman that her husband of over 40 years – a former college professor, an opera buff, and a one-time […]

Elderly Hearing Problems: How to Communicate with Your Doctor

NJ Senior Health Life can become increasingly difficult for those seniors who suffer from a hearing problem.  This can be particularly distressing if it impinges on your communicating with your physician.  Here are some things to consider: Bring an interpreter. If you prefer to have an interpreter, have a friend or relative accompany you. You […]

The Elderly & Broken Hips – 14 Expert Tips

NJ Senior Health The body faces an endless list of problems in old age.  One of these problems is brittle bones that tend to break easily and often. There are more than 323,000 hospitalizations for hip fractures a year in the U.S., or more than 850 fractures a day. Most hip fractures occur in older […]

Discussing End of Life Care with Aging Parents

NJ Senior Care Planning Talking to your elder parents about end of life care No one looks forward to discussing end of life issues with aging parents, but this is something that needs to and should be done. Having the conversation is necessary so that your senior’s preferences may be honored, if at all possible, […]

Dementia in New Jersey Elderly

Dementia in the elderly can take on two different forms; reversible and chronic. When symptoms are reversible, the short-term dementia has been caused by other illnesses or diseases. The National Institute on Aging has classified 100 conditions that can cause short-term dementia. These are often called “pseudodementias”, and are treatable. Some examples include: Adverse reactions […]

New Jersey Alzheimer’s Care

New Jersey’s Expert Home Care for Elders and Seniors provides live-in care for your aging loved ones since 1984. Please call us when your loved one needs help – 800-848-2336. Are you reluctant to talk about your memory loss?  Seniors in New Jersey fear Alzheimer’s disease more than heart disease, stroke and diabetes. They fear it so […]

Early Alzheimer’s Signs in New Jersey – Elder Home Care

Expert Home Care delivers live-in and senior help to those living with Alzheimer’s in New Jersey. Call us at 800-848-2336, if you need in-home care to safely live at home. Today we continue our Alzheimer’s warning signs in New Jersey – this helps family members and caregivers understand if the memory loss of your aging senior is a serious […]

Alzheimer’s – 10 Signs Early Detection – New Jersey Elder Home Care

The biggest thing most family members wished they’d known about Alzheimer’s disease is the importance of understanding the ten signs of early onset. When you understand the difference between normal aging and the early signs like your loved one’s negative behavior becoming more aggressive with the onset of Alzheimer’s, then you would know that your elder loved one is not just getting […]

Elder Live-In Care in New Jersey – Long Term Care

Are you seeking caregiving or live-in help for a loved one? Call today! 800-848-2336 or visit Expert Home Care New Jersey. In our last post, Expert Home Care listed tips and observations on determining if your loved one needs caregiving, or live-in caregiving. If you resolved that the senior has immediate needs, then it’s time to talk about it with the senior. This will […]

Senior Home Caregiving – NJ Home Health Care & NJ Live In

Expert Home Care NJ provides caregiving in New Jersey for Senior’s at home. Many families ask us, “How do we know if mom and dad need help and caregiving, and if they do, how do I talk about it?”  Frank Esposito and David Goodman, owners of Expert Home Care in NJ are Certified Senior Planners, members of the Society […]