Are You Taking Advantage of U.S. Veterans Benefits?

U.S. war veterans

Unfortunately, according to the Veterans Administration, many elderly veterans and their widows miss out on benefits they deserve because they are unaware of it. These are benefits that could help defray the cost of senior care, including home care. In fact, according to a VA estimate, only one in seven of the widows of vets […]

Gas Saving Tips for New Jersey Seniors to Reduce Costs

NJ Senior Money Management Here are some things to consider to help New Jersey seniors reduce the cost of gas.  Also, remember to ask your mechanic if they have a senior discount. Maintenance: Keep your car properly tuned up to improve gas mileage by about 4 percent. Improve mileage by up to 40 percent by […]

Helping Your Senior Save Money

NJ Senior Money Management Saving money is a problem for people at any age, but for New Jersey retirees with limited budgets, it becomes all the more important.  Here are some things to consider: AARP costs very little to join, but it can save a senior money through the discounts and other programs they offer. […]

Money Saving Tips for NJ Senior Citizens

New Jersey Senior Money Management If you’re like most of us, you’re probably still digging out from the spiraling economy. Seniors, with crashing 401(k) plans, tend to be the hardest hit.  As a means of recouping some of the losses, here are some money saving tips for seniors to consider: The senior discount at your […]