Mercer County NJ Home Health Care Services Expanded

senior man needs home health care in Mercer County, NJ

Expert Home Care has announced it is adding more caregivers for its home health care services in Mercer County, NJ.  Our agency has been providing home care services to Mercer County for 34 years. We have seen consistent increases in requests for care in this area of New Jersey. Importantly, while a large part of […]

Monmouth NJ Monmouth County Home Health Care Expansion Announced

Expert Home Care is announcing the expansion of its home health care services in Monmouth County, NJ.  Our caregiver agency already covers this area of New Jersey but home care requests from Monmouth have been on the rise since 2018. To respond, Expert Home Care agency is adding more caregiver staff to address the market […]

Morristown NJ Morris County Home Health Care Expansion Announced

Morristown Morris County NJ home health care male client

I am pleased to announce Expert Home Care is expanding home health care services in Morristown, Morris County, NJ.  We have a strong presence in the area but demand for home care is increasing. Therefore, our agency is expanding in response to the market needs.

NJ Home Health Care Aides Help Seniors: 6 Good Reasons To Get One

6 Reasons To Get a NJ Home Health Care Aide

New Jersey Home Health Care News It’s become rather obvious that mom (or dad) could benefit from having a NJ home health care aide. Yet, anything that upsets the so-called apple cart is not easy to do – as many elderly seniors will fight against bringing a stranger into their homes and many adult children, […]

NJ Home Health Care Client Bill of Rights

Home Care Bill of Rights & Responsibilities As a consumer of our NJ home care services, you have the right to: 1) Receive considerate and respectful care in your home at all times; have your property treated with respect; and receive service free of discrimination. 2) Participate in the development of your plan of care, […]

Senior Home Care Preparation For New Jersey Families

elderly NJ man resting on his cane

One constant about home care is that it’s usually not something New Jersey families prepare for. All too often, the crisis is already waiting at the door. And while there may have long been an understanding that an elderly loved one may eventually require home care, it’s always been viewed as something that could be […]

Walking Seniors Improve Their Health

New Jersey senior couple walking

New Jersey Home Health Care News Walking is an excellent and easy way to exercise, particularly for aging senior loved ones. Walking offers: Improvement of cardiovascular function and possibly a reduction in the chances of having a heart attack Potential weight loss or weight control Reduction in blood pressure An aid in the prevention and […]

New Jersey Caregivers Spotlight – Meet Shanta Foreman

We are pleased to present Shanta Foreman.  She is a NJ Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) with 17 years experience working in facilities like Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Assisted Living and Private Duty Home Care. She is available for assignment through Expert Home Care. [vcex_button url=”” title=”Learn More About Shanta” style=”flat” align=”center” color=”red” size=”medium” target=”self” rel=”none”]Inquire […]