Senior Long Term Planning – Wills or Living Trusts

Planning for home care in New Jersey can be difficult for most seniors. Deciding “how” to distribute your assets is another challenge for most aging Americans… Expert Home Care NJ has helped many seniors figure out “how to live independently at home and plan for the future when you can no longer care for yourself”. […]

New Jersey Senior Vacation Planning

When planning for a vacation, most seniors don’t put much thought into it. It’s our goal at Expert Home Care to help New Jersey Seniors and Elders travel safely and with care. Please call us when needing help at home (800) 848-2336. Consider your travel style. Don’t end up doing something you don’t really want […]

NJ Planning for Seniors’ Travel

Home Care & Home Health in NJ – Call us for homemaker & personal care services, and live-in care – (800)848-2336. Millions of older Americans love to travel and continue to do so. There are virtually no external limits on where you can go and what you can do. Here are some ideas to help you […]

Aging in NJ – Home Health Care Help in New Jersey

Focus Should Be on Slowing, Not Stopping, the Aging Process – Part 2 from September 5 Expert Home Care helps keep seniors and elders at home – safely & independently. Call us to find out how at (800) 848-2336.”Part of the problem with many individuals selling anti-aging medicines to the public is that they’re suggesting that […]

Aging in NJ – Home Health for Elders

Focus Should Be on Slowing, Not Stopping, the Aging Process  Expert Home Care helps keep seniors and elders at home – safely & independently. Call us to find out how at (800) 848-2336. Is aging a process or disease we should attempt to stop? Researchers at a recent conference cohosted by the American Federation for […]

Seniors are Unprepared for Retirement in NJ

Call Expert Home Care provides help to seniors and elders in NJ – living independently at home. Please call 800-848-2336. American’s lack of financial planning for the future also extends to long-term care insurance. More than half of Americans will need long-term care during their lives. But only seven percent of seniors own private insurance […]

NJ Seniors Unprepared for Retirement

Many Seniors in New Jersey are Unprepared To Face the Future – What, me worry? With life expectancy rising, Americans are facing retirement of 25 to 30 years or more. But many seniors are not financially or legally prepared for the future. A lack of retirement planning is partly to blame. With Social Security benefits […]

NJ Home health care – Elder Care Help for Boomer’s

Do You Remember…when? Expert Home Care New Jersey shares with our readers a walk down memory lane!  If you need help caring for an aging parent, call us at 800-848-2336. According to conventional wisdom, people who were kids in the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, or even maybe the early ’70s probably shouldn’t have survived. Remember how: Our baby cribs were […]

Respite Care for Family Caregivers – Elders in New Jersey

Expert Home Care and call 800-848-2336. More on Sibling Rivalry & Elder Care in NJ Continuing our post from August 22.. Sibling Conflict in Elder Care Resolving these conflicts can be challenging. But ignoring the difficulties in a caregiving situation can create greater challenges. Ultimately, strained family relationships can impede a family’s capacity to provide […]

Home Health for NJ Elders & Seniors – Respite Care

The Family Caregiver Alliance offers good information to families across America when dealing with elder care. Visit their site often at Family Caregiver Alliance. Caring for aging parents or ill relatives brings out the good and the bad in sibling and family relationships. Caregiving can be a time for siblings to come together and provide support for each other or it can be a time for stressful […]